About me

painting in Doncaster Sept 2017
Painting in the market place
Painting in the market place
My work is influenced by many things & my subjects are wide ranging, but over the last few years a series of long distance walking pilgrimages across europe have provided me with many of the images that fill my paintings. The street scenes of France & Spain, or the landscapes of the Alps & Italy have dominated the images that I create in pen, watercolour, acrylic, or oil. More recently the wild, damp, & green beauty of the west of Ireland has had its influence. Strangely, my immediate surroundings of the ex-industrial north of England seems hardly to make an impact on what I produce, but maybe that is hidden in some way, or yet to break through.

I have made drawings & paintings for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories is drawing on white wrapping paper from the butchers, & making patterns & shapes around the bloodstains! When at primary school I was always embarrassed because I was given a bigger piece of paper to work on than any of the other kids in my class. At college my preferences turned to three dimensions, & I enjoyed making things in clay, plaster, stone & many other materials. Photography became important to me not just to record what I made but to stand as the work in its own right.
Making images has always been an essential part of my life & in recent years has become my main occupation. I’m delighted to say that other people seem to like these images as well, & I’m happy to share them…